Monday, June 30, 2014

Pilates for Osteoperosis!

Incredible is a small word to describe Pilates and all of it's amazing benefits. This week, as I prepare for my upcoming seminar for continued education, I study online workshops for extra credit and shockingly find myself excited about bone metabolism! Bones are more than our structure, they're our power behind our powerhouse and body! Learning more about bone issues and prevention, it really inspires me more than ever to keep my Pilates programs fresh, exciting and life changing! We can avoid illnesses and injuries! We can prevent pain and bone loss! All while physically and mentally changing our lifestyles for the better!? Sign me up.....oh wait I am already signed up;) for another amazing seminar and more ways to encourage my amazing clientele! Osteoperosis, osteopenia, fractures......Pilates is the Key! All Bodies can do a Pilates regimen, all levels can excel and succeed and change their structure ......this is incredible. Just another amazing benefit to our Pilates program. Join us to start your journey today! Live it love it!
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